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Jaguar Pink Pre Style Ergo Cutting & Thinning Set

Jaguar Scissors
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$399.00 AUD
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$249.00 AUD
5.5" Inch Cutting & 5.5" Inch Thinning

  • Features

STEEL Stainless Chromium Steel
SIZE 5.5"
CUTTING EDGE Micro Serration Blade
BLADE Classic Blade and Thinning/Texturising
FINISH Allergy Neutral Coating (Pink)

  • Description

Limited Stock Available in Australia for the remaining year. Order now while stocks last!

The Jaguar Pink Pre Style Ergo scissors are a classic style of scissors with a twist. Traditional handles and lightweight design allow these Pre Style Ergo Pink scissors to be held lightly and firmly.

The classic blade has micro serrations to ensure that each cut is smooth and effortless. The stainless chromium steel makes these robust and gives them a long life if well maintained.

The thinning scissors are 5.5" inch and have 28 teeth. The teeth feature micro-serration, similar to the pre style ergo cutting scissors, as this style cuts and thins effortlessly.

The Pre Style Ergo series uses Jaguar' hairdressing Vario Screw Connection for convenient tension adjustment.