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Jaguar Pre Style Relax P Cutting & Thinning Set

Jaguar Scissors
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$249.00 AUD
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$249.00 AUD
5.5" Inch Cutting & 5.5" Inch Thinning
5.0" Inch Cutting & 5.5" Inch Thinning
6.0" Inch Cutting & 5.5" Inch Thinning

  • Features

HANDLE POSITION Semi-Offset Handle
STEEL Stainless Chromium Steel
SIZE 5", 5.5", and 6" Inch
CUTTING EDGE Micro Serration Blade & Teeth
BLADE Classic Blade & Thinning/Texturising
FINISH Satin Finish
Item Numbers JAG 82750, JAG 82755, JAG 82760 & JAG 83455

  • Description

Limited Stock Available in Australia for the remaining year. Order now while stocks last!

The Jaguar Pre Style Relax scissors are an offset style of scissors with a twist. Ergonomically friendly offset and lightweight design allow for a comfortable experience.

The classic blade has micro serrations to ensure that each cut is smooth and effortless. The stainless chromium steel makes these robust and gives them a long life if well maintained.

The thinning scissors are 5.5" inch and have 28 teeth. The teeth feature micro-serration, similar to the pre style relax cutting scissors, as this style cuts and thins effortlessly.

The Pre Style Relax series uses Jaguar' hairdressing Vario Screw Connection for convenient tension adjustment.