How to tell if your scissors are sharp enough?

Imagine you are at a barber or have started using scissors yourself. Whether you need to cut the perfect sized cardboard paper or strands of hair, you will be needing a sharp pair of scissors. Everyone knows that sharper scissors are important for the sake of accuracy and the ease of usage.

How to tell if your scissors are sharp enough:

This article will help you figure out whether the pair of scissors you are using are sharp enough, or do you need to go out and invest in something better:

Are strands of hair getting stuck in your scissors too often?

Human hair is not made like simple threads: you can’t just expect all hair to be cut as evenly. Some hair like to be erect, while many like to curl about.

  • This is especially true around the scalp. A sharp scissor, however, is designed to cut through hair.
  • Sure, you might see a few issues with your hair getting stuck in the scissors, but if these hairs are getting stuck far too often, you might want to invest in a sharper scissor.

Are shears being too noisy?

All scissors make some sort of noise when you cut. However, you may have noticed that these scissors tend to get noisier over time.

  • This is them losing their sharp edge as well as the traction they had before.
  • You may need to service them by either sharpening the edges or cleaning/oiling the shear to ensure that the noise is to the bare minimum.

Are your hairs folding a little too often?

While you are folding your hair, if you feel your hair getting folded far too often, the blade might be too blunt or dull for use.

  • Professionals also indicate that the problem might be with the shear if there is no other problem.
  • You may want to get your scissor changed or repaired as soon as you start seeing this issue.

Folding hair can very easily lead to uneven cuts – essentially leading to a bad haircut or worse: damaged scalp.

Is your scissor getting dull too fast?

There are so many types of scissors out there that you will become confused what to invest in.

  • You may even see sub-$100 scissors on the market.
  • Who even pays that much money for a pair of scissors, you ask? Professional barbers who know what they are doing, of course.

If you feel your scissor getting dull too fast, it might be because the metal used in your scissor might be too weak.

Try investing in branded scissors: the price premium makes sense in the long run. You will save yourself constant hassle too.

Final Thoughts:

We hope that these few tips have helped you figure out whether your scissors are sharp enough to cut hair on a daily basis. It is generally not liked if you use your everyday scissors for your hair as well: it can not only cause uneven cuts, but it will also destroy your hair’s health and cause split-ends. If you have any further queries, you can also hit us up.

Conclusion: How to check if your hairdressing scissor blade is dull or blunt?

Imagine being at a saloon or trying to use a pair of scissors on your own. It doesn’t really matter what you are using it for. This is because such has to be sharp regardless of whatever purpose it is serving. Of course, it is no secret that when scissors are very sharp, they can help to make tasks much easier due to their high level of accuracy.

The major aim of this post is to enable you know whether your pair of scissors is sharp or not. These details will also help you make a better decision about investing in new scissors.

Sign 1 - When strands of hair are trapped on regular basis

This is one of the obvious signs that your pair of scissors needs to be replaced. Human hair is quite different from regular threads. It is not possible for hair to be evenly cut. While some hair will be erect, others can remain curly.

When your scissors is sharp, it can cut through your hair with ease. It is only normal that sometimes, your hair will get stuck in the scissors. However, this shouldn’t happen on regular basis. If you start experiencing such issue frequently, it is a sign that your scissors is due for replacement.

Sign 2 - When shears become very noisy

It is normal for every scissors to make noise as they cut. However, such noise may increase and become unbearable as time goes on. This is happening as a sign of their sharp edge being lost. It also shows that their traction has being badly affected.

Servicing is one recommended option you can explore when this happens. For instance, you can decide to get their edges sharpened. It is also possible for the shear to be oiled or cleaned to reduce the noise.

Sign 3 - When your hair start folding too often

Have you ever noticed a situation whereby your hair seems to be folding while trying to cut it with a pair of scissors? When this becomes too often, such is a sign that your blade has become very blunt. Most professionals have pointed out that the shears can be responsible for such problem. Whatever the case may be, it is important to ensure your scissors is repaired or changed as soon as this problem starts surfacing.

The reason is because folding hair usually brings about cuts that are uneven resulting in poor haircut. In a worst case scenario, your scalp can even get damaged.

Is your scissors becoming easily dull?

When it comes to choosing the right scissors to purchase, there are lots of options to explore. For instance, there are pairs of scissors which cost around 100 bucks. You will be wondering who is willing to spend such an amount on scissors. It may shock you to find out that there are people with professional barbers being one of them.

One of the reasons why scissors quickly become very dull is weak metal. This happens when the metals used in them are very weak. It is important to invest wisely in a pair of scissors that will offer good value for money both in the present and future. This will save you from the nightmares that come with using substandard scissors.

Final words On Sharp and Blunt/Dull Scissors

We believe you have seen reasons why it is very important to use a pair of scissors that can meet your needs without any compromise. With premium scissors, you get even cuts. Also, your scalp will be in perfect condition. Don’t fail to contact us if you have any question.