Kasho Hairdressing Scissors Australia

Kai Group in Japan creates some of the world's best cutting tools, including: knives, scissors and industrial tools.

Kasho sits under the Kai group brand and creates premium hair scissor tools in Japan for hairdressers and barbers.

Kasho Hair Scissors Overview:

  • Premium Japanese hair shears
  • High quality Japan steel
  • Sharp convex edge blades
  • Premium balanced design with the ultimate tension

Kasho is one of the world's best collection of hair scissors. They constantly over-deliver in quality, and are one of the best brands of hairdressing scissors available in Australia.

The Different Kasho (Kai) Scissor Models

Unlike brands like Jaguar, Kasho produces a curated smaller collection of premium scissors that we break down below.

Millennium Scissors

The Kasho Millennium hair scissors are the Porsche of hairdressing tools in Australia. The unique curvature of the scissors angles it in an ergonomic way that protects you while cutting hair.

The Millennium let's you customise with the below features:

  • Handle types: offset and straight
  • Handed: Right
  • Scissor lengths: 5.5", 6" and 6.5"
  • Finish: Steel or Diamond-Like Carbon Coating

Not many hair scissors let you customise the design to suit your needs, but the Millennium makes each pair unique jsut for you.

Design Master Scissors

The Kasho Design Master is one of the most popular hairdressing scissors from Japan in Australia. They used a semi-convex blade to created a perfect all-rounded hair scissor that slices through hair effortlessly.

The Design Master features include:

  • Handle design: offset and straight
  • Handed: right
  • Scissor lengths: 5", 5.5" and 6"

They stand out as one of the entry level Japanese scissors that continue to impress and convince you that Kasho is one of the best brands in the world.


The Kasho Silver hair scissor is one of the most ergonomically designed cutting tool straight from Japan.

The Silver hair scissor features include:

  • Handle design: straight and crane
  • Handed: right
  • Scissor lengths: 5.5", 6", 6.5" and 7"
  • Finish: Diamond-Like Carbon Coating

The Silver model also allows for fine-tuning unlike no other scissor with their flat ratchet screw.

Balanced Precision

The Kasho Balanced Precision hair scissor is the best entry level Japanese shear made for professional hairdressers and barbers.

A simple 6" ergonomic design with a semi-convex edge blade that cuts effortlessly.


The Kasho Sagano hair scissor is a simple offset design with a premium design and high quality convex edge blade for effortless cutting motions. The Sagano has a mirror polish, offset ergonomic design, and 5.5", 6" and 7" scissor length.


The Kasho Chrome scissor is the latest and greatest entry level hair scissor at an affordable price for professional hairdressers and barbers. The curved offset ergonomics gives you a comfortable grip that allows for a stable grip.

The Chrome scissor uses a semi-convex, hollow ground blade that's finely honed, so you can get sharp slicing haircutting motions.

Extra Information About Kasho Scissors

Kasho is a Japanese inspired U.K. brand that produces high quality hairdressing scissors at affordable prices.

What makes Kasho unique is their simplistic styles that really standard out. They do more than the traditional hairdressing scissors by mixing modern technology with expert craftsmanship to produce professional hair cutting tools.

It isn't easy to find Kasho hairdressing scissors in Australia, but at Japan Scissors we aim to bring you all the information on the most popular and professional scissor brands.

Let's breakdown some of the important aspects of Kashi hairdressing scissors:

  • made with premium steel
  • include sharp convex edge blades
  • modern lightweight ergonomics tailored to professional hair cutting experts
  • offset and traditional handle designs
  • modern tension adjustable screw for easy re-adjustment
  • simple and modern eye candy designs

So what makes Kasho one of the most searched for brands of hairdressing scissors in Australia?

They have a long international reputation of producing professional hair cutting scissors, detailed aftercare support, and the overall confidence that what you're buying is going to last.